adding and modifying data

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adding and modifying data

投稿記事by max291 » 2015年8月04日(火) 18:25

Greetings MiLCA,

I would like to calculate the impact of energy generation (production, transmission and distribution of electricity 330000 > public electricity 331111 > electricity, from power generation, grid electricity 331111000) for a model country based on ideal data.
Problem is, I found that the default energy generation last modified by IDEA on June 2012 involves extra process such as various industrial waste treatment, and heat energy input.
May I know how this was calculated? It would be a great help if anybody can guide me on how this estimation is generated.

I appreciate all your help. Best Regards.

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Re: adding and modifying data

投稿記事by nakano@jemai » 2015年8月05日(水) 15:09

Regarding the Japanese electricity data, statistics on Japanese electricity were used. These statistics are available in free of charge but in Japanese only, as far as I know. ... sults.html
(You may use " " to translate to English)

Then, the total amount of fuel consumption (MJ-fuel/year) was divided by total electricity supply (kWh/year) to produce unit process data (MJ-fuel /kWh)

Regarding the foreign countries data, the IEA statistics were used. You may find a lot of information here;

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Re: adding and modifying data

投稿記事by max291 » 2015年8月06日(木) 11:17

Thank you for the quick reply. The link provided is really helpful.

I also have another question;
I am also interested to know how "industrial waste treatment" was calculated as input.
for an example, in production of 1 kWh of electricity in "power generation, grid electricity" process, it requires 6.87E-07 kg of cinder industrial waste treatment (産廃処理)(燃え殻).

My aim is to estimate the treatment required in production of 1kg of Nickel Metal Hydride battery production in Japan, which treatment, and how much treatment it requires. Can anybody please guide me on where to find information about this?
Thank you so much for your help.

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Re: adding and modifying data

投稿記事by yamagishi@jemai » 2015年8月13日(木) 09:19

Please read page 20 on MiLCA Guid book. ... ook_En.pdf
I hope it is helpful for you.

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