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MiLCA Library

Outline of MiLCA Library

MiLCA Library is a digital library of LCA data including process dataset and an LCA case study. A user of MiLCA can register own LCA data to the Library and download the data from the Library freely.

Relationship between "Database" and "Library"

Consistency is kept in "Database" based on a certain policy. The policy may define an allocation method, target impact categories and so on. In MiLCA, "IDEA" database is installed as a default database. On the other hand, "Library" is a list of data. Each data in a library does not keep a consistency, so a user has to use it carefully.

Relationship between "Database" and "Library"

MiLCA Library and Expert review

MiLCA Library supports LCA data exchange among users. But, the data quality may vary widely from data to data. So, each data can be marked "review status". A filtering function can be used based on the review status when a user tries to find an appropriate data.

Additionally, a certain review status can be marked only by an expert reviewe.

Review level and Review type

Newly produced data has no review status (review level and review type).

If the LCA data is published in the MiLCA library without any information of review status, the data is not appeared if a user filtered by "Self-checked" and "Expert Reviewed" in "MiLCA Library" review type.

List of Expert Reviewer

The LCA Expert, certified by the Institute of LCA, Japan and JEMAI, is here.

How to be an Expert Reviewer

The LCA expert has to pass The LCA Expert Examination, operated by the Institute of LCA, Japan and JEMAI, or to be an LCA certified Professional, operated by the American Center of LCA. If you pass one of the examinations, please contact us. We issue an expert review key.

How to get the review

Contact an expert reviewer directly.


The published LCA data can be edited by a user who is registered in the same Team. (Any user can see, use, copy the data).


JEMAI issues an Expert Review Key only for a certified person, but JEMAI does not guarantee quality of review work and result.