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Default inventory database "IDEA"

About 3000 datasets including basic materials and energy are installed. To keep a transparency of each dataset, almost all dataset is available in both unit process (gate to gate) type and calculated process (cradle to gate) type.

Process search

Process input output

Other usuful databases

  • Distance database between majour cities and ports
  • Regional import product share database
  • Unit conversion database

Process dataset

Process dataset management

Detailed process data can be seen and new process data can be added. Process tree view is also available.

Process: text tree

Culculated process making function

It is a transform function from newly added process to calculated process. It helps to conseal seacret data (i.e. amount of input and name of input material) and report LCA data to your cunstmer.

Case study

Product system modeling

LCA case study can be done by modeling your product system with your mouse action.

Case study: product system


Popular impact categories for caractarization and the Japanese environmental impact assessment method (LIME2) are also availabel.

Caractarization result

Damage assessment


T-E2A analysis

T-E2A can compare among case studies of environmental and economic aspect. (developed with Toray Industries, Inc.)

Caractarization: Eco-map

Caractarization: graph

Weighting: Eco-fingerprint


BOM import function

It is a function to creat process dataset including a lot of input flows.

LCA reporting function

Documents can be exported based on ISO14040(2006) and ISO14044(2006)